Baby Penguin – Story

Sagar Acharya

Sagar Acharya


Once upon a time, there was an organization in the Atlantic named shelter for animals. In that organization, they helped the animals in need. The people in the organization had rescued one family of penguins. In the family, there was a baby penguin. Baby penguin’s parents loved her more than anything.

Actually, because of global warming, disasters kept on occurring. One day, the baby penguin was playing outside suddenly, the ground started to shake and immediately often a while the penguins could see a chunk of snow falling towards them. They immediately figured out, an avalanche had occurred.

After the avalanche stopped the penguins started to stand and search for their family members but the baby penguin was missing. The team of rescuers started to search and the rescuer named Riya was searching in that case. She searched for everything but she didn’t find the baby penguin. 

At last, the baby penguin was found on the hill of snow. The families met again and were glad that the rescuers saved them. The mother of the penguin thanked Riya through sign language. That was the reason why they were brought to the shelter for animals. The penguin enjoys living. After that, they lived happily ever after. 

[Note: In Atlantics, the ice is melting and animals are in danger therefore we should stop global warming.]

Hema Shakya, Class: 6 (Sagarmatha)

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