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The inception of Journalism club is to bring more journalism education into the classroom, giving every child the opportunity to learn journalism skills, and to influence the use of social media for disseminating factual news and information. It is an academic club designed to expose students to the skills of journalism, publication, write-up and collaboration. The club aids the students in holistic learning. It is a multi-discipline club empowering students towards rational consumption of information and better articulation through written as well as spoken means.



  • To make students aware of the basic elements of journalism like planning articles, interviewing subjects, writing drafts, revising, editing and publishing.
  • To develop critical thinking skills in students to nurture their innate journalist.
  • To cement leadership skills in students by providing them opportunities to conceptualise, organize and manage various activities through the club.
  • To instill reading and writing habits in students through various formative activities.
  • To develop media awareness in the students and teach media ethics.
  • To promote cohesion and integration among students and school at large.
  • To bring more journalism education into classroom

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