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Machhapuchchhre IB World School is delighted to provide a rewarding student council experience that places a strong emphasis on fostering self-motivation and leadership opportunities for our students. Our vibrant student council program empowers students to participate in a dynamic environment where their voices are not only heard but also actively contribute to shaping the culture of our school. The details of student council life at Machhapuchchhre IB World School:

Representing the Student Body:
• Serving as the collective voice for the entire student population.
• Advocating for student interests, addressing concerns, and conveying suggestions to the school administration.

Organizing Events:
• Planning and executing a diverse range of school events, including dances, fundraisers, spirit weeks, and community service projects.

• Facilitating effective communication between students, teachers, and the school administration.
• Ensuring students are well-informed about crucial school-related information.

Leadership Development:
• Cultivating leadership skills within council members through a combination of training and hands-on experiences.
• Encouraging active involvement in leadership roles within the school and the wider community.

Promoting School Spirit:
• Elevating school pride and fostering a sense of belonging through the organization of spirited activities and events.
• Cultivating a positive and inclusive school culture that encourages unity and engagement.

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